Consultant Radiologist

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  • Shilpa Apartments, Dasturwadi, MMGS Marg, Dadar (East), Mumbai 400014
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Job Description
We would like to invite applications for the post of a Radiologists at our GSBS Medical Trust at our Dharavi Branch. 
The Centre is operational between 9 am to 5 pm - Monday to Saturday.

We require the Consultant Radiologist to work for one hour each day (Flexible timings) - as per their convenience.

The main duties will be -
Ultrasoung Imaging and Reporting
X-Ray Reporting

The doctor will be made aware of the booked appointments prior to the date.

For further details please contact Mr. Prakash Shenai on 8425925599.
Medical Job
May 07,2019

Essential Qualifications
  • MD (Radiology)
  • DNB (Radiology)

Other Desirable Qualifications
    DMRE – Diploma in Medical Radiology and Electrology

Key skill Required

  • Consultant Radiologist

Hospital/ Institute Profile profile

Name of Hospital/ Institute: GSBS MEDICAL TRUST

Hospital/ Institute Profile profile: History of Medical Centres Humble Start: The GSBS Medical Trust has come up from a small beginning. It started as a medical service wing of the social and cultural organization called the Gowd Saraswat Brahman Sabha of Matunga, Mumbai in 1967. A few members of the Sabha hit upon the idea of offering free immunization service to the public. The idea caught on and developed in to the medical service wing offering other medical services at extremely low rates. Later with the sponsorship of a few liberal minded individuals, a service called “Under-5 Clinic” was started to offer medical cover to children under 5 years of age for a small one time payment. With widening of activities, the venue of service was later shifted to Dwarkanath Mutt run by Shrimat Dwarkanath Tirth Swamiji of Gokarn Parthagali Jevottam Mutt who led the organization to occupy and carry on its activities free of charge. After some years of operation here, the founding group of highly motivated individuals decided to form a Public Trust under the aegis of the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai in 1973. As a non-communal no-profit – no-loss Charitable Trust, the Trust needed a larger area to operate independently and thus acquire a new place of 1600 sq. ft. at Shilpa Apartment, Dasturwadi, C.Rly, Dadar. It has gone on from strength to strength and had occasion to look back only with pride on its excellent track record of service. The Trust has every reason to be proud of its founding fathers which included Dr. A.P. Pai, Dr. V.R. Prabhu, Dr. K.V. Pai, Dr. B.M. Acharya, Mr. A.M. Kamath, Mr. K.K. Kamath, Mr. H.Anandrao and Mr. N.K. Gaitonde. Dedicated to the core, this group pushed the objective of the Trust to its limits to bring about the initial progress and lay the activities on a firm footing. Sizeable donations poured in at right junctures and helped the Trust to equip all its investigative departments with modern equipments. The founding group of Trustees had the requisite vision and verve and quickly worked on the empanelment of specialists on the consultation faculty. A Pathology lab was established to assist the consultants in their diagnoses. Soon the result was evident in the steady increase of patients visiting the Centre. People living in the vicinity now had a reliable place to visit for their medical problems at really affordable charges.


Recruiter Name: Mr Prakash Shenai